Privacy Policy:

Variable Data - The variable data you submit to the website is stored in plain text but encrypted in our database. We personally have no interest in your data and will never read or analyze it. The information we may analyze is the number of datapoints our users have to assess the load on our system and general public interest. We will never share any of this data or information with any third parties. You may easily wipe all your data by deleting your variables.

WARNING: Never store or exchange any kind of data which could potentially cause damage to lives or property. We will not be responsible for any damage that might occur.

IP Addresses - We store the IP addresses for your active dashboard sessions so that you may cancel your own sessions at any time. Addionally, we store anonymous IP addresses for API requests so we may assess if someone is trying to exploit the system through means of brute force attacks.

Email - We will only send you emails in events where you register for the first time, require account reactivation or a password reset. We will never send you any newsletters or spam of any kind.

By registering, you will be able to create and manage your own variables for sharing over the internet.

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